Starting from 2017, for financial transparency I will let you know how your financial aid has been utilized in this page “accountability”. Also, please let me know the purpose for the financial aid as for example: for the poor, students, pastors, evangelist, for training, for myself in utilizing food, light bills, water bills, travelling expenditures, visas etc.

  1. There are so many poor and downtrodden people in the remote villages, without proper food hygiene, clothes, housing etc.
  2. Students in the villages would love to go for studies but since there is no money for the tuition fees and they are stranded and addicted to alcohol, drugs and even prostitution.
  3. Many pastors and evangelist never get salary, since they love God though they struggle they preach and evangelize to the non-believers where there are no foreign missionaries. I can mention their names, place, churches if you need to know.
  4. I often train the pastor for pastoral leadership training once in three months and they come from different villages for the training for a week or so, I had to pay for their travelling expenditures as well as food and shelter.
  5. I am an independent missionary who love to serve God in remote places unlike many other missionaries (not all) who love serving God in their comfort zones live in a nice hotels/condos/apartment/mansions!! (If you know what I mean), as for me all human beings are equal in the eyes of God, so I give my best to serve and shepherd those people are are being rejected/ignored by the society. If you really wants to know the people you are then be “in their shoes” experience it, eat what they are eating, sleep where they are sleeping!! Then definitely they will pour out their problems and you will love them more and vis-versa and the relationship will build up. In other words let there be trust between “you and them” and not only a one time visit.
  6. I am a foreigner and without a sponsor and whatsoever I receive when someone bless me, I pay my house rent, water bill, food, travelling expenses, visas etc. In order to continue my ministry I really need your support to save souls who are still living in total darkness.
  7. There are many more but for the moment to let you know a gist how I ran the ministry, I had complete faith in God because He is Jehovah Raphe, Jehovah Jireh (my provider and my protector).

God bless you.





(For their Journey to Thailand from Nagaland on 3rd April 2017).

  1. Central Baptist church= rs. 5000
  2. Central Baptist church Women Department= rs. 5000
  3. Ebeneezer Baptist church= rs. 5000.
  4. Dr. Pikato= rs.3000
  5. Khriela, Seno, Theja, Atou =rs. 2000
  6. Total                                       =rs 20,000.
  7. My families……………………….=rs. …………

A big thank you to all the well wisher’s who support the two Karenni students and enabling them to complete their Bachelor of Theology in Nagaland for three years. On our part we have nothing to give you back, but may the Lord Jesus Christ bless you, your families, your jobs/work, in the days to come. Shalom.