Prayer Request.

Urgent!!2017, prayer request/support.

Dear Christian warriors,

18209015_10210858241526571_4184217972833498216_o In 28 April, 2017 two Karenni students (Ka Paw Htoo and Baw Reh) will complete their Bachelor of Theology from Nagaland (India), and will go back to Thailand and teach in Karenni Bible School, Nai Soi Thailand. They will travel by land route via Myanmar since they do not hold Thai or Myanmar passport and it is a dangerous journey. They will cross the rivers, mountainous terrains, and at times on foot, it take days if the situation is not stable in Myanmar!

Please pray for their graduation, good health as well as their journey back to Thailand. Pray for their safety voyage so they will not fall in the clutches of Myanmar military. Pray for God’s protection upon them, though it’s a dangerous passage but since they love God they sacrificed everything and came to equipped with the word of God in Nagaland so that one day they can share their blessings to the Karenni people. Amen.

NB: If the Holy Spirit leads you and want to help these two students financially for their journeys,(every penny or saving a cup of star bucks coffee counts) please feel free to email me or call me. They still have one more month and they will need around 50,000 rupees (762 USD) for their monthly pocket money, exam fees and their journey as I had borrowed money from friends in the past year and allowing them to complete their studies!! though you cannot donate the whole amount but what you can do from your side that will be a tremendous blessing. please contact me.

Your prayers and support will never go in vain.

Love and prayer

Brother Luther.

Must Read: Today 28 April 2017, Maw Ka Paw Htoo and Khu Baw Reh graduated and I am so proud to announce that Ka Paw Htoo got the academic Award and Baw Reh got the best Preacher Award and they make the Karenni people proud. God bless them abundantly.


Pastoral Leadership Training (Nepal).

On the month of December 4-10, there will be a Pastoral Leadership Training in Biratnagar (Nepal) and 10 pastors will receive the Diploma certificate. The Diploma is a year course, and 10 pastors from different churches and provinces successfully completed the course and we will confer the certificate on the said date. Please uphold us in your prayers,

Thank you and God bless you richly.


Dear brethren in Christ, I need you prayer for my ministry. At the moment I am in Nepal teaching Hebrew language to Bachelor Of Theology students at Nepal New Covenant Bible College, I will be here for one semester before I leave for Thailand. Being a missionary in Nepal is dangerous, please pray that no harm will come to me during my stay here.


(A million thanks for your prayer support, the Lahu conference was successful. God bless you richly and give you peace).

In the month of march 25-29 there will be a lahu conference and it will held at Chiang Rai province and therefore I would like to request the soldiers of Christ to pray for the successful conference.

  1. Pray for the lahu people who will be coming from China, Myanmar and from Different province from Thailand for their safe journey.
  2. Pray for all the Missionary speakers from different countries who weill deliver the living word of God.
  3. Pray for me that I will give the right message during the conference.
  4. Pray that all the people will have a blessed time.

Thanking you and God bless you all.

Together in Christ

Brother Luther.