Ministry Report.

Here are some of my Ministry report/pictures in Nepal, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia.

Nepal Chapter.

14139153_313757308969193_1639944991_o13767227_543232855878187_6915079489673142613_oCurrently I am in Nepal (Biratnagar) teaching in Nepal New Covenant College as a Hebrew lecturer. The college offers Bachelor of Theology and Master of Arts and there are around 50 students and 10 lecturers.

It’s a challenging ministry yet not impossible, Nepal being a Hindus majority, wherein missionaries are not allowed to preach the Gospel to the non believers, if any missionaries preach/teach the Living Word of God to the Hindus and if he/she is caught or convert Hindus into Christian then he/she will be either persecute and the Hindus coverts will be excommunicate from the family and from their village.

In need of your prayer support so that no harm will fall upon me in times of difficulties. Let God’s mercy bestow upon Nepal and the “Great Commission” be fulfilled at His own time.

May the Lord bless you and keep you, the Lord make His face shine upon you and be gracious unto you.

Together in Christ.

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Lahu Conference, Thailand. (2015)

The Lahu conference 2015 was held in March 27-29 at Wiang Pa Pao under Chiang Rai province Thailand, based on the theme from the book of Luke 9: 52 “ No man… Kingdom of God”. The Lahu people from different parts of the world attended the conference, even though they resides in different countries like China, Myanmar (the then Burma), Laos still then they value their rich traditional culture and were displayed in fabulous manner.

There were three foreign speakers and I was honored to be one of the speaker in a three days program. The attendance was huge, it was around one thousand and they were so excited to worship the Lord. The first service starts at 6:00 am- 8:00am, the second service at 10:00 am-12:00 and the third at 7:00 pm till 10:00 pm. It was a whole day long program and it was a bit tiresome but on the other hand seeing the enthusiasm of the people to know more about the word of God, it is worth to preach for the extension of His Kingdom, its a blessing at the end of the day. On the last day of the conference 17 youths dedicated their lives to God and were baptized.

In the conference the only Lahu pastor from China informed the congregation and challenged the people to come forward and serve God in China as a missionary because there are around 40 Lahu churches and there in only one pastor to oversee all those churches. The pastor challenged the congregation to come out from their comfort zones and be ready when God called you. If you have a heart for the Lahu people and to be a missionary in China, please contact me and I will informed you in details, see my contac20150220_14322820150327_183151

With an AKHA lady in her traditional attire.

The praise and worship team from Chaing Mai and Chiang Rai.

20150327_183239I am quite ready to preach the Gospel.

20150328_072513 The second day of the conference.

20150328_075245With the Pastor’s during the worship service.

20150328_083109With my interpreter Phonthip Leejang.



6.5 hours hike on the mountain to have fellowship with the people and share the Gospel.


On the border Thai-Myanmar, newly refugees entering Thailand and taking rest after days of journey crossing the mounteneous terrain.


This little girl eating rice and fish paste, it was a delicacy because there is no alternate food for her.


Internally displace children, nothing to do for fun!! No school!! No parents!!


Ladies dorm in KnBABS. 2011.


Weekend ministry at Padagon (Long neck village). Mae Hong Son.


Prayer room in Te si hey Bi Lia chu


On my way back from Pastoral Leadership Training, Karenni camp 1.


Karenni Bible school students, where I taught for four years.


Hui Pu Lon, Long neck village. there is a church building but there is no pastor and time to time I go and preach to uplift the believers.


Crossing the river in Thai-Myanmar border for evangelism.


Hui Pu Kay, my interpreter Mobi with her mother.


Pastoral Leadership Training, Karenni camp 2. Khun Yuam. Thailand.


Lunch time after the Exodus training (Karenni camp2).


Karenni camp 1, Pastoral Leadership Training (mae Hong Son).


My abode in OTop village, evangelizing to the Buddhist. Mae Sa Riang.


Taking a break before the long journey in the remote villages in the Thai- Myanmar border.


The villagers provide us food after the tiresome journey.


Gearing up again with the Karenni Bible school students to zoom it in another village.Myanmar border.


Christmas with the children in Otop village, since there is no church we had worship service in an open area. It was chilly and cold.


Karenni Bible School graduation day, Mae Hong Son.


The big day for the students as well as the teachers, self graduating the students.


The graduating students in their beautiful Karenni Traditional Attire.


Pastors and elders washing the feet of the graduating students.


Self with the orphans in the refugee camp. Mae Hong Son.


Bible school students, message through songs in the village.


Teaching my students how to play drums, Karen Bible School. Mae Sot.


Self perfoming a musical piece in Chinese- Lahu new year. Chaiprakan, Chiang Dao.


Maesariang… Here we come for the Gospel.


Bible studies with the Shalom Arts Leadership Centre in Maela Refugee camp.


Preaching in Mai Pu Luang during Father’s Day. Chiang Rai.


Ebeneezer church inauguration day after the post fire tragedy in Karenni camp 2.


The body also need rest, after the Leadership Training in Karenni camp 2.


With the Mhong people in Khun Yuam before the Bible camp Training.


Christmas celebration with the Karen Students in Maela Refugee camp, Maesot.


Water Baptism in Jericho Church, Maela refugee camp. Mae Sot.


On my way to Whengu village (snake village), for evangelism. Mae Sa riang.


Distributing mosquito nets and blankets to the villagers at Whengu village.


Self singing Karen song during Christmas in Mae Tea village. Mae Sa Riang.


With an Akha lady during Chinese New Year. Mai Pu Luang Chiang Rai.


On my way to Karenni camp 1 to distribute food and noodles to the orphanage.


Teaching in Karen Bible School, Maela Maesot.


Leadership Training in Khun Yuam, Mae Hong Son.


Since there was no real drum set, I teach my students with this bamboo made drum set before we could get one.


Practicing Karenni National Anthem for the big day.


Leadership Training.

sevenDuring summer the river is flooded and makes the journey difficult to go to Karenni Bible School. Mae Hong Son.


Final speech for the graduated students. KnBABS.


Time for adventure coming back fro the Bible School. Mae Hong Son.


Cooking for my precious student before they go for practical ministry in Myanmar.

Teachers and students having the last meal before the winter practical ministry.


These poles are the ANIMISM’S god. they come here often and worship this poles. Longneck Village.


MINISTRY TO YANGON (MYANMAR) +++++++==+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++




NB: The above pictures were taken in Yangon (Myanmar), we are not allowed to give baptism freely and therefore we had to hide behind the house and store water in a plastic and gave baptism. Five youth accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior.

The churches must get rid of the understanding that church is not a building, in today’s world most of the churches are preoccupied with the concept of church as a building and admired in luxury and comfort. When the church is beautifully architect and equipped with modern amenities then it automatically becomes a model church and push away the spiritual values into periphery. If the church lacks in producing disciples and spiritual faith then it becomes a failure before the counsel of God.

The angels and God rejoice when the church saves souls, God is please when the backslider’s believers restore their faith. The disciples of Jesus build believers like their master they followed the principles of Jesus Christ. They are the fishers of men and not fishers of money. The greatest missionary of all time Apostle Paul, he valued human souls rather than materialism. He even sold out his properties for the Gospel to reach out the dying souls.

Let us ponder upon this, is our churches give more important in materialism rather than spiritual values? Let us retrospect and introspect ourselves, let us build church and not building. We need to go back to the Bible. May the Lord help us to understand the real meaning of Church. When God called you, do not procrastinate, there are two types of calling (1) A call of Salvation, let me say from “darkness to light” and (2) A call to serve Him.

Mahatma Gandhi once said “There will be no Hindus in India if Christians can live like Christ”. At times I think that what he said can be true if we look at our Christianity today. Are we living the discipleship life as Christ has designed for us? When interviewed with the Hindus in India or Buddhist in Thailand or Myanmar or Nepal, their sole reply was Christianity is an expensive religion!! They come to our country/villages/ places and handle us some food, material and at the end of the day they retire in their own luxuries mansions/palaces/hotels!

My dear concern fellow missionaries, when you are in a particular region/province, please study the situation, contexts and build up the rapport with the people and not just a 3-4 days seminar/bible studies about “Jesus loves you”, stay with them, build trust and relationship, eat with them, sleep in their huts, hummock, count the start while you are in the bamboo mat. I am sure they will feel more secure and love you more for your sacrificial, and mention not the reward in heaven awaits you with the angels rejoicing, Holy, Holy, Holy.

  1. Bonheoffer: Christianity without Discipleship is always Christianity without Christ. Many times we say we are Christians and we live in our own cell/prison, we serve God in our own comfort zones. We can never manipulate or control the Holy Spirit, let the stillness voice moved in you. Our God is the un-moved mover when we totally surrender to His power.

In our life’s journey there will be trails, temptation and obstacles blocking our path and may not see clearly, blurry but no matter what we need to focus in God and complete the task God has assigned for you… THROUGH IT ALL. As we’ve learned to trust in Jesus and depend upon His word. The Almighty God will gives us streetlights and power to defeat out enemies “therefore brethren be strong in the for the time is near.Amen.


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