Lahu Conference (2015)

The Lahu conference 2015 was held on March 27-29 at Wiang Pa Pao under Chiang Rai province Thailand, based on the theme from the book of Luke 9: 52 “ No man… Kingdom of God”. The Lahu people from different parts of the world attended the conference, even though they resides in different countries like China, Myanmar (the then Burma), Laos still then they value their rich traditional culture and were displayed in fabulous manner.

There were three foreign speakers and I was honored to be one of the speakers in a three days program. The attendance was huge, it was around one thousand and they were so excited to worship the Lord. The first service starts at 6:00 am- 8:00am, the second service at 10:00 am-12:00 and the third at 7:00 pm till 10:00 pm. It was a whole day long program and it was a bit tiresome but on the other hand seeing the enthusiasm of the people to know more about the word of God, it was quite a blessing at the end of the day. On the last day of the conference 17 youths dedicated their lives to God and were baptized.

In the conference the only Lahu pastor from China informed the congregation and challenged the people to come forward and serve God in China because there are around 40 Lahu churches and there in only one pastor to oversee all those churches. If you have a heart for the Lahu people and to be a missionary in China, please contact me and I will informed you in details, see my contact.

20150220_143228With an AKHA lady in her traditional attire.

20150327_183151The praise and worship team from Chaing Mai and Chiang Rai.

20150327_183239I am quite ready to preach the Gospel.

20150328_072513 The second day of the conference.

20150328_075245With the Pastor’s during the worship service.

20150328_083109With my interpreter Phonthip Leejang.


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Make the difference.

In today’s world an average person can live for 70-80 years of age and within this period of time what can we do for the Lord? We all have a role to play in this God’s design world and therefore I would like to encourage to all God’s disciple to play our parts and make the difference for the world to live a better place.

My dear fellow Christian, we see in the Old Testament God used patriarchs, judges, prophets, priests and kings. In the New Testament He mediates His rule in the church through evangelist and pastors as well as through the indwelling Holy Spirit who guides each believer. God’s intention is that these men and women be an instrument for His kingdom. As we have imparted the truth we must transmit the truth to someone else. In order to fulfill our area responsibilities we must be dedicate, hard work, and prepare what needs to be done. As God’s disciples we have different role to play in His Kingdom some goes in the field and some stayed at home helping the one who are out there financially.

The one who is doing the Lord’s work in the Lord’s way must be a doer and not just a planner. They will know that if God is going to use them in the future, they must be doing it in the present. They recognize that now is the paving ground and that God wants people who have been proven effective. There is a balance here between the plan for the future and the commitment to the present. This is because bailing out of the present means forfeiting the testing ground and if that happens then it’s all over.

Paul was not only committed to the future, he was doing it in present (1 Corinthian 16: 6-9), he was always committed to the current open door (Acts 14: 27, 2 Corinthians 2:12, Colossian 4:3). What I am trying to emphasize here is, some people are so picky about the door they choose and go through that they miss the entire opportunity.  They wait around for something wonderful to happen and it never does because they have never shown willingness to go through any of the doors God has left open. When God open the door we must go in and must not be ignored, do not always plan to work in the cities where everything is available, we must come out from our comfort zones and accept the challenges.

Lastly but not the least my fellow brethren, accept opposition and challenges in serving God.  G. Campbell Morgan said, “If you have no opposition in the place you serve, you are serving in the wrong place”.


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Life’s too short.

There is a time for everything… a time to born and a time to die… a time to mourn and a time to dance.. (Ecclesiastes 3: 1-4). we do not know about tomorrow, so live your life for today at it’s best.

Gay Moo Khu Reh a graduate students from our Bible school (class of 2013-14), a young promising leader, he was the most sincere students in his batch never been late in work or in his assignment. A person with a humble heart and has a big vision for the Karenni people and always give a bright smile to others, everybody loves to be near him.

Fortunately/unfortunately he had a kidney failure and was hospitalized for two weeks but could not able to recover and left for heavenly abode on o3/08/14. During his short lived on this earth he live a resurrected life, he was zealous to serve God through music. Khu Reh was helping the Bible school in teaching church music and he was scheduled to go for higher musical studies in Nagaland, India in 2015. His dreams was short lived, but the music that he taught our students one-day someone will fulfill it.

Please pray for the bereaved family members in Myanmar to let God comfort them during this time of mourning. We could not able to send the corpse in Myanmar due to bad road conditions, Khu Reh’s father and older sister was with him on the fateful day, his mother, brother, sisters who lives in Myanmar could not able to come to Thailand and bid farewell to him.

Gay Moo Khu Reh, you will be missed. The good things that you had done will forever be cherished.


The teachers with Gay Moo Khu Reh to bid him good bye. Khu Reh, we know you are in better place.


Khu Reh class mates who graduate with him this year in March honoring him and bidding him farewell.





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Christ is the reason of our life.

It was indeed a marvelous experience and a tremendous blessing sharing the Good News to the non-believers in the border of Thai-Myanmar where thousands are still living in spiritual darkness. The last two months, March and April was a moment of heart touching in witnessing the life’s condition of the down trodden people in the remote villages and at the same time a blessing in confronting with other religious leaders and in sharing, teaching and preaching the Gospel. Since yesteryear’s these people have been practicing either in Animism or Buddhist and therefore it is not easy for them to do away with their religious practices and embrace new faith.

While having a conversation with the people in defending Christian faith and helping them from their quarries about the differences between Buddha and Jesus because they simply categorized Jesus Christ into Gautama Buddha level. As I mentioned, Christianity is not a religion but it is more than a religion, it is a relationship between God and man. The word “relationship” pricks them and I had drawn their attention. In other religion “man seek god” but in Christianity “God seek man” we do not love God first but vice versa.  While travelling from one village to the other some of the people are ready to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and on the other hand some are still confused. I am planning to visit again in December because God has a plan and purpose for these people.

In this evangelical mission trip I had learned that it’s not enough to preach once or twice and leave them on their own instead, we need to constantly stay with them to strengthen their faith and enlighten them. It is so heartening to hear that some of the people are half Christian and Animism/Buddhism, although some of them had embrace new faith in the past but since there is none to uplift their spiritual faith in nurturing and strengthening thwm with the living word of God they go back to square one or either parishes. We need more missionaries who are ready to come out from their comfort zones and not just a pulpit ministry, who do not only focus to serve God in towns and cities, on the other hand not just a one timer servant of God but willing to stay with them constantly in the remote villages/ borders and save precious souls.  The question is, can I? Can you? Are we willing to sacrifice ourselves from the materialistic world and be a servant of the Lord in whatever circumstances?

We need to fulfill God’s mission, and what is this mission? Is it not saving souls? The redemptive act of Christ, the selfless sacrifice and the blessing that He bestow upon us need to be shared. As the book of John clearly mention “one flock one nation”, so the basic principle of mission is to share the blessing to others. Christ is the reason of our life, and therefore we need to have a resurrected life and live a life for Christ.


The first Sunday for Evangelical Mission in a Thai-Karen Church at Mae Sa Riang.


At Htee Hay Klo village, the village chief pouring tamarind water to the villagers and blessing them for good health and prosperity. They say, they are half Christian and half Buddhist.


Five to six pieces of Tamarind kept in a bowl and mix with cold water and salt, then the village chief will chant and sprinkle around before he bless the people. They will drink a little bit and then soak on his/her head.


Worship service at Whea Ngu village, around 15 people gathered where I preach from the book of John 3:16.


Distributing clothes to the needy villagers, specially to the women. We ran out of clothes and blankets, so some had to wait for few more days before they get their share.


On my way to O Top village, carrying mosquito nets, soaps, toothpaste etc.


Taking a short break before driving in the river for around 20 kilometers. The journey was tough but the blessings is marvelous.


After the worship service at Mae Tee Klo village we distribute mosquito nets to the villagers.


Singing a Karen Gospel song at Tha So Kwa village. At times being a a foreigner and singing in the local dialect gets more attention and becomes more easy to deliver the word of God.


Preparing food for us so that we can travel to the village. Though they are poor yet so generous for the travelers missionary. I was so touch when they packed rice and dried fish for us for the journey. May the good Lord bless you richly.


Worship service at Whea No Wai village, the lady Pastor at Whea No Wai Baptist Church  prayed for me before I delivered the message.

DSC_0006Ever celebrate your birthday this way? where there is no cake but plenty of watermelons!! An unforgettable birthday and a moment to be cherished forever, I had a great time. Thank you Lord Jesus because “I am fearfully and wonderfully made” (Psalms 139:14).

God bless you all.

Brother Luther.


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Class of 2013-14 Commencement (KnBABS).

The 8th commencement of Karenni Baptist Association Bible School was held on 8th March, 2014 at the school premise. The theme for the graduation exercise is based from the book of Isaiah 60: 1 “Arise, shine, for your light has come…” Several Reverends, Pastors, church elders, parents, relatives etc. from Myanmar and from different refugee camps attended the program to honor and bless the graduating students on the occasion.

This year, 21 students received the degree of Licentiate of Theology and very soon some of them will go back to their villages (Myanmar) and some to the refugee camps (Thailand) as Pastors, Evangelist, Youth Pastors, Sunday school teachers etc. The Bible school is sending two students to Nagaland (India) to pursue higher theological studies, so that one day they will come back and teach in Karenni Bible School and make disciples.

Time passes by so quickly, as I reflect back about the present graduated students how we spent four our years together and which makes me happy and sad at the same time. Why happy?  It was their first year in Karreni Bible School and it was also my first year too. Let me share in brief how exciting and mind blowing in knowing the conditions of my students sharing their experiences, during their journey from Myanmar to Thailand crossing through the mountainous terrains, rivers etc. Their parents, brothers, sisters, uncles, Aunts, etc, gave them food supply to reach Thailand in knowing that it’s not an easy journey. On their journey if the situation is/are bad and becomes dangerous to travel further then they had to hide in the jungle/caves etc fearing that the Burmese military will shoot them. Anyhow, on reaching Thailand they are all in a wondering state, as we all are new to each other’s, but by looking at their innocent faces it seems to me that they want to ask something or have problems.

On one occasion while we were having dinner (the recently graduates in their first year) are constantly staring at me so I inquired and what I came to know is that they want to share their food with me whom their loves one back at home gave it them for their journey to Thailand, and they want me to try it but they hesitates and reluctant to approach me, thinking that I being a foreigner will not like their homemade foods. I taste a little bit and I like it so much that I asked for more! Their smiles, their innocent faces and their bright eyes I can never forget. One of the most interesting thing I learn from the Karenni people is, they are very generous and hospitable, the little things that they have will be shared. The fun we had and laughter’s we shared will always be cherished.

The sad part is, they are leaving the school and I might not see them again but on the other hand I am proud that they will be the light bearer of the Gospel in Myanmar.

Let me highlights more about the present graduated students in order to let you know more about the Karenni students and situations and to have a closer relationship with the Karenni people as a whole.  Our first year was not easy, language barrier for them (English) and me (Karenni) not only about the language but practically in the past they had faced what is hardship.  Poverty, they know what is hunger, experienced fear (their village can be attacked any moment by the Burmese soldiers) and therefore they are being traumatized. At times even in the class room some of them will just stare at the wall and tears roll down and I do not know what they are thinking or what to say. Whether those tears are happy tears or sad tears all I can do at that moment is pray to God for that students to give strength and happiness.

In our four years journey we have built a very close relationships and therefore they address me as daddy. I am proud that they call me dad, though I am not yet married but to them as they say, they feel secure when they address me as daddy knowing that their dad will always be there for them no matter what the circumstances and they can freely share their problems with me. So today I am a happy unmarried father with 68 children. In the gradual process they had released their burdens to God, forgiving their enemies who tortured them, rape their people, killed their love ones, burned their food (Granaries) etc. Today, they are ready to go into the battlefield with brighter perspectives, stronger, bolder and above all with the love of God to share the Gospel to those who gave them nightmares.

Long live Karenni Bible School.



Jesus said I came to serve and not to be served. The Pastors and teachers washing the feet of the graduating students.


Tharamu Baw Shar, the pioneer of Karenni Bible School giving me the privileged to honor the graduating students with their Karenni respected necklace.


Posing for lens with the graduating students and current teachers and former English teacher Christine Marie Sian and visiting teacher Yoshiya.


Rev. Dr. Shay Kwe a truly God’s servant with a humble heart, delivering speech on the graduation ceremony.


Myself, confirming the degree of Licentiate of Theology to the students.


Christine Marie Sian, former English teacher presenting gifts to the students. (Christine is the students favorite English teacher, because of her contributions the students speaks good English. Towards her students she is like a mother to the motherless, a sister to the sister-less and a friend to the friendless). 


The graduating students praising God through message in song “A Place in the Valley”


Post graduation, teachers and  students of 2014.



Boys and girls behind the scene for the successful graduation, cooking for around 400 people. A big thank you and God bless you all.


Together in Christ

Bother Luther.

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Retrospect, Introspect and Prospect.

A reminder for Christians, “Retrospect, Introspect and Prospects” because at times we tend to be asleep and face difficult to wake up from our deep slumber. Matthew 28:19 “Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit”. Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, the time is here and now that we need wake up from our slumber and comfort zones to fulfill the “Great commission”.  God has blessed us with different talent(s)/gift(s), so make let us make the best use of it and experience our gift(s) and share our blessings to the people around the nations, some to stay at home and support and some to go in the mission fields. Luke 10:2, Jesus said, “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few…”.

Mission is not an options! It’s a mandatory, throughout our Bible Jesus talks about sharing not only the Gospel but also wealth. God give some people more than they need so that they can be tremendous channels of blessing to others. God’s intentions/desires is equity between His people and that is why the early churches had no poverty. Are we simply going to sit in our chair and think about our self, our jobs, future of our children? “Love not the world” says John in his first epistle “neither the things that are in the world”. If any men love the world than the love of the Father is not in him. (1 John 2:15-17).

There are thousands of poor and hungry people living in the border of Thai-Myanmar, not only physically hungry but spiritually too. How can we preach the Gospel to a man with an empty stomach? The man will not listen to the Gospel until we give something for the stomach first! When Jesus came, He not fed people’s souls with the Kingdom of heaven and Him as the bread of life, but He filled their stomachs with fish and bread and wine as well. Let’s join our hands together and make the world a better place and a brighter life to live. Today, an average person can live for 70-80 years and within this period of time what can we do for the Lord? What are your resolutions for 2014? We set a list of prayers to God so that God will answer our prayers and make us happy and contended, instead pray: God what can I do for you? Do ordinary things for God than He will do extraordinary things in your life.

NB: In mid-March till June first week, our team will be in Thai-Myanmar border as well as to some remote villages preaching the Gospel to non-believers and help the needy person (s), if you are interested to join our team than you are most welcome. (It will not be easy to stay out from civilization for months, no electricity, no internet, rough bed and at times sleep in hammock but remember it’s all for the Glory of God). For more details see “Prayer      Request”.

Together in Christ

Brother Luther.

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Silver Jubilee and KBAPLT.

The Karenni Baptist Association Pastoral leadership training was held on 21-25th October, 2013 at the bible school premise basing on the theme from the book of John 14:12, “…will do greater things after me..” The Reverends, Pastors, and church leaders from Myanmar and Thailand attended the program. I was honored to be one of the speaker/trainer in the one week long training.

In the leadership program there was time for interactions, theological discussions and spiritual awakening moment.  Each pastors brought up some issues that are being facing in their local churches and we tried to tackle the situation and to bring solutions to the problems. It was a very insightful moment in knowing the situations and context in a better way.

After the discussions I had realized that it’s easy to say: Jesus loves you, have faith, trust in the Lord etc. Instead, it must not only be mouth service/pulpit service, we need to empathized with them and walk in their shoes, feel the pain that the refugees are going through, breath the air that they are breathing, in other words know the context and situation above all know them personally and have a good relationship with them then they will pour out their hearts, then we can uplift and encourage one another in a better way.

I’ve learned so much from the experienced pastors and matured Christians. How much pain they had gone through in serving the Lord, their villages and churches are burned down, their paddy fields are gutted, the young girls are being raped, the people are left homeless, little children becomes orphans. Yet, in all these circumstances they are holding strong in Christian’s faith and teachings. These leaders practice what they preach, they have a humble heart, forgiving and praying for those persons who tortured them physically, mentally and spiritually. These leaders are not ordinary men but they are extraordinary persons and a truly servant of the Lord. They are not only physically matured but also mentally and spiritually, who is giving their best to encourage and uplift the young and tender faith. Though I was one of the speaker yet I was being humbled in learning from them how a true Christian should do and therefore I thank our good Lord for opening the doors and opening my eyes.

Right after the pastoral leadership training, in Karenni refugee camp (1), The Sey Hay Bi Lia church celebrated the silver jubilee on 26th October, 2013. This particular church was established in the year 1988 at Myanmar in Kayah state but due to military oppressions the people fled and took refuge in Thai-Myanmar border. In the refugee camp, the believers are longing to worship the Lord, so they build the church with bamboos wall and teak leaves roof, but there is no pastor to lead them or give a sermon. Thus the believers on Sundays they simply gather and sing some hymnals and a prayer and dispersed. After many years in fasting and prayers the Lord answers the faithful believer’s prayers and today they have a pastor (Khe Oo Reh).  The church is growing spiritually as well as in numbers, today there are around 60-70 church members and winning souls to God’s kingdom.

Together in Christ


IMG_2809Myself teaching on Jesus’ servanthood and Biblical principle of a leader.

IMG_2815Honouring some of the reverends and pastors with presents, for their dedication in their ministry.

IMG_2843The Sey Hay Bi Lia church, (karenni Camp 1) celebrating silver Jubilee.

IMG_2927Some of the Reverends and pastors posing for lens before the inaugural ceremony. (Behind: Jubilee memorial stone)

IMG_2959Around 400 people attended the celebration of Silver Jubilee.

IMG_2973The Sey Hay Bi Lia church pastor Khe Oo Reh surrendering the worship service into God’s hand.

IMG_2940With Reverend Ma Gay Moo: Front pictures, three pigeons to release, signifying freedom in Christ: Log Drum and cymbal, to hit 25 times by different pastors (Silver Jubilee): Two Buffalo horns to be blown, signifying victory: Bamboo Xylophone, signifying togetherness.

God bless you all.


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